We are committed to providing a high quality service to supply our customers - from first-time buyers to experienced bike owners with safe, fully serviced and reliable bikes and scooters.

  • Full photo ID, address details and correct licence details must be confirmed prior to purchase. 

  • All bikes and scooters are fully inspected, serviced and have a current or new MOT. 
    Please note that a MOT is only a check of roadworthiness on the day the vehicle is MOT inspected.

  • We sell used motorbikes and scooters and offer these bikes for sale as a private purchase.

  • After the point of purchase, we do not provide a warranty or any guarantee; once the bike/scooter has been purchased it becomes the legal property of the new owner. Scooters & bikes contain thousands of parts and components, and whether new or old, parts and components can fail at any time and without indication or warning. We take no responsibility for the replacement or fitting of replacement parts or components.

  • Prior to the point of purchase the new owner can agree servicing, upgrades or maintenance support for 3, 6 or 12 month periods. SCS will charge a fixed rate of £25 per hour plus parts, components and consumables.

  • The customer must agree to the riding of the bike / scooter during servicing/upgrades (for test ride / calibration purposes).
    N.B. the scooter/bike will only be covered under third party insurance during this period.

  • Bikes / scooters once purchased or after servicing should be collected within 48 hours. 
    Space is limited and after 48 hours a bike or scooter left on-site will incur a £20 per day storage & security fee.

  • These terms and conditions of sale are not negotiable.